Take cheap alcohol out of supermarkets

Young man vomiting profusely in the road.

Young girl boasting to her associates ‘I’m so off my face’ and then falling flat on her face on the floor.

Drunk girl falling off killer heels and swearing loudly.

I firmly believe many of these sort of situations, as recently witnessed, would not arise were it not for the ready availability of cheap alcohol.

I feel, therefore, the licence application for 75 Hawthorn Road, Bognor Regis should be refused.

It seems reasonable to assume the proprietor of the said premises would attempt to match or indeed undercut the four existing licenced premises in the area.

In my view there really is only one solution to this problem.

Get cheap booze:

Off the supermarket shelves,

Off the streets; and

Stop young people getting off their faces in public places.

There are, of course, many responsible drinkers who like to enjoy a quiet drink in their local hostelry.

These people should be allowed to continue their civilised drinking habits undisturbed and not be penalised as a knock-on effect of the cheapness and ready availability of booze in local shops and supermarkets.

Wendy Green

Van Gogh Place, Bognor Regis