Surprised and delighted at awards result

I was surprised and delighted when Fred Dineage announced that St Anthony’s School had been named as Best School in the Observer Community Awards.

This is the third time St Anthony’s has been voted Best School in the four years that the awards have been held.

This is a remarkable achievement for a relatively small school.

I am grateful to the Observer for providing the school with the opportunity to be recognised in the community.

Having won the award twice, I thought we had received our share of recognition.

However, I am very pleased St Anthony’s remains highly regarded within the community. The staff, governors, parents and pupils work extremely hard to ensure that the school retains its outstanding reputation.

Congratulations once again to the Observer for recognising the considerable achievements of individuals and groups within the community.

You and your team at the Observer deserve recognition for introducing and continuing to organise the Community Awards.

The Observer should be proud of what it achieves, by providing local people with the opportunity to be recognised for their special effort, success and accomplishments.

Robert Griffin

Head teacher, St Anthony’s School