Such a stupid action

On Thursday night, we had the pleasure, with friends and relatives of being at the Windmill Theatre in Littlehampton to see the wonderful production of the Aladdin pantomime.

The production was completely sold out, the theatre was full and everyone there enjoyed a fantastic evening of entertainment.

It was a pantomime just as pantomimes should be – full of fun, laughter and music and great interaction with the audience. Everyone involved with the production – artists, musicians, producers and directors- should be thoroughly congratulated.

It would be an absolute travesty and tragedy should the Windmill Theatre be closed.

The Windmill is very much part of our local community and brings people together for mutual enjoyment.

We cannot understand why the council could even dream of such a stupid action as to close this marvellous theatre and facility!

F Derek and Jacquie D Whitby

Appletree Walk