Strongly object

We live at 94 Chalcraft Lane which is a property of considerable historic interest.

Our property overlooks Chalcroft Nursery as well as the proposed industrial development site.

We most strongly object to the proposals for the following reasons.

We believe the site is totally inappropriate for the industrial use proposed together with the associated noise, dust and pollution.

The site is next to a cemetery and it is, surely, essential this is a quiet area, peaceful and tranquil at all times.

Another adjoining site is a nursing home for old people and the proposal with the associated noise and dust could well affect the health and wellbeing of the patients who surely deserve better at their time of life.

The site is, I believe, in green belt forming a strategic gap between Bognor and Chichester and is adjacent to a large residential area.

As such the proposed noisy and dusty industrial use is both inappropriate and undesirable.

The entrance to the site is very restricted on to a very busy main road with a busy road junction within a few yards of the site entrance.

There have been road accidents close to the entrance and large heavy goods vehicles entering and leaving the site will only exacerbate the situation and create a very dangerous situation, particularly as the site lines are very restricted for vehicles leaving the site.

The entrance is very narrow and not wide enough for lorries and cars to pass.

This would undoubtedly lead to congestion spilling out into Chalcraft Lane, adding to an already-dangerous situation.

Chalcraft Lane is very close to Bognor Fire Station and is, therefore, a prime route for fire engines as well as ambulances.

The congestion caused by heavy lorries entering and leaving the site would add to the dangerous situation and could well cause crucial delays to emergency vehicles.

The site contains a very successful, established family nursery together with other small businesses, and heavy lorries passing through the narrow entrance and across the middle of the car park will create a dangerous situation and potentially put lives at risk.

Many families with young children frequently visit the nursery and heavy lorries will create a very dangerous situation for them.

Their justification for the work is based on the need to clean up the site, but it was the site-owners who allowed the site to become contaminated.

There is no justification for importing further material from elsewhere in the way they propose.

Reference to other recycling sites elsewhere is totally irrelevant as no inter-connection is proposed with this site.

Isobel and Ivan Hollow

Chalcraft Lane