Speed hazard in Hambrook must be addressed

Broad Road in Hambrook via Google Street Viewo
Broad Road in Hambrook via Google Street Viewo

In Bognor there is a short stretch of dual carriageway that has a 30 mph speed restriction along it.

Recently a member of my family was booked there for travelling at 37 mph, among other traffic, with a fine of £100 plus three points on the licence.

It was generously reduced to £90 and no penalty points provided a two-hour driving awareness course was undertaken.

I do not offer any excuses because the law was clearly broken.

I offer the comparison however that the excessive speed of vehicles along the single carriageway of Broad Road, Hambrook, well in excess of the 30 mph limit, is of serious concern to all of us residents in and around the road but we never see any signs of police presence or interest.

The vehicles include numerous HGVs and it remains a mystery how everyone manages to avoid fatal injury.

There is a complete disregard of the 30mph limit every day and attention to this hazard must be addressed.

Clive Buss, Shepherds Close, Hambrook