Society is involved

REGARDING Mr Strudwick’s letter in last week’s edition, we would like to point out the Local History Society commemorates the laying of Hotham’s foundation stone with a ceremony at his graveside in South Bersted Churchyard, on January 18 every year and has done so almost every year since the History Society’s inception in 1979.

This event did indeed mark the founding of Bognor as a health resort, but not of Bognor itself which has Saxon origins as evidenced by the name itself, it is mentioned in a document dated 680AD. Bognor Lodge was demolished in 1938 but charming though they no doubt are, we would hardly call the sheltered housing which now occupies the site ‘a much grander building’. Hotham Park House was built c1790 newly but not on the same site as Bognor Lodge.

Perhaps Mr Strudwick would like to visit our museum in West Street, we open for the season on March 31 when he can find out much more information on Bognor and the surrounding area.

Kay Fall and Sheila Smith

Sandy Road,