Slow down... faster!

IN THE Observer (October 13) there were reports of two road accidents where speed must have been a factor. One was outside

West Dean school where residents still await implementation of the 30mph speed limit. The other in Market Avenue involved a motorbike and a car.

Although the speed of the motorbike was not indicated in the newspaper report, it is clear that any such incident would be less dangerous for all involved if the speed limit were to be reduced to 20mph as advocated by the 20’s Plenty Campaign.

Surveys of residents together with surveys in this newspaper have all shown widespread support for this campaign. Let us hope that the 20mph limit will be adopted as soon as possible.

A further important point is that when a decision that has been made, such as the imposition of a 30mph limit in West Dean, it should be carried out without more potentially life-threatening delays.

Stephanie Carn,

Whyke Road,