Skittles and a quiz

EVERY year the Friends of Bersted Green Surgery challenge the doctors, nurses and surgery staff to a skittles and quiz night.

This year it was held on Friday, November 4, at The Waverley.

There was a turnout of 53 and a good meal before play commenced.

True to form the surgery won the cup again, we held two challenging rounds and they won both by a considerable margin.

I would add that after eight challenge matches over the years the Friends have only won the cup once, but we keep trying.

However, thanks to Emma Dabik, the Friends managed to have the player with the highest individual score of 15.

A very good effort and well done to Emma.

The quiz, compiled by Philippa Seager, had a very wide range of mind-teasing questions which competitors did while waiting for their turn at skittles.

It was won by Dr Geoghegan, yet another victory for the surgery.

We also held a raffle, and a big thank you to Valerie, Pam Tardival, Dorothy Hickey and Ann Criswell for running this.

Needless to say, I didn’t win anything.

At the end of the evening Sam’s Cup, dedicated to our late chairman Sam Franks, was presented to Dr Mark Weeks by Valerie Cuthbert, treasurer of the Friends.

Also on the night Valerie presented the surgery with a cheque for £1,140 for one 24-hour BP monitor.

This money has been raised by kind donations from the patients and I would like to thank them and all the surgery staff for the help and support you give the Friends.

H Griffin

Chairman, Friends of Bersted Green Surgery, New Barn Lane, North Bersted