Skip was from Arun

I wonder if you could please print a letter for me regarding a skip that was placed outside 63 Elmer Road following the recent floods.

West Sussex Highways received a number of complaints regarding the skip and its positioning, which was on the main road with no lights or signage.

On Saturday we received a visit from someone within the Highways Department following the complaints as it was thought that we had ordered the skip.

I would like to confirm that the skip was provided by Arun District Council so that those properties in our area who had experienced flood damage could dispose of damaged items.

If we had wanted the skip for personal use we have a big enough drive to put it on.

I would just like to confirm that it was not ordered by ourselves, and it was in fact ADC who had told the skip company that they did not require lights for the skip.

Kirsten Dunn

Elmer Road, Middleton