Sign of the times?

BROS Musical Productions put on a well-performed and directed show, The Full Monty, at the Regis Centre, which seemed to be appreciated by the audiences who went to see it, but it is sad that society has sunk to such depths in putting on this tawdry type of show.

Are we now to expect more decadent shows such as Hair for example, with these good amateur performers prancing around naked on the stage? I do hope not.

As a long-time past member of the Bognor Regis Operatic Society, as it used to be known, I get the impression that BROS Musical Productions are hell bent on putting on more raunchy shows, cheaper I suppose, and finesse is being thrown out of the window, which is a great shame.

Clearly The Full Monty must have been a more economical show to put on as the scenery arrangements were fairly simple, along with the non-fancy clothes worn by the performers.

The local charity shops must have done good business with them.

I do hope the show for next June, Beauty and the Beast, will bring back a sense of class, good music and style.

CE Nayler

Rowan Way, Bognor Regis