Show Tesco we care

I READ your article the other week – with a heavy heart – highlighting the prospect of another Tesco Express adding to the homogenisation of our town.

I dutifully attended Homefare in North Bersted at the weekend to register my displeasure at the prospect of the further ‘Tesco-isation’ of Bognor.

This was done with a degree of scepticism as I was sure the deal has already been done!

It is my belief the only response I’m left with to Tesco’s encroachment upon Bognor’s established businesses is not to grace the new shop and in doing so not increasing their profits with my custom.

I would also continue to support the established local businesses by continuing to shop with them. After all they need my money/support far more than Tesco!

I hereby call upon all that are supposedly ‘up in arms’ about the new store to consider adopting this more prudent method when this shiny new store opens.

At least then we can all say we took a pro-active viewpoint in reducing the detrimental effects the arrival of Tesco in North Bersted will have.

Wouldn’t it be satisfying for us all if we were able to show that North Bersted businesses can prosper, despite the arrival of this big ,brash interloper?

‘Every little helps’?

Jason Staker

Mons Avenue, Bognor