Shelter concerns

FOLLOWING THE article in the Observer about the planned demolition of the shelters along Bognor seafront, I find it inconceivable that complaints from a few new residents in Kings Court about the rough sleepers in the shelter outside their apartments is leading to the loss of a valuable amenity for ALL Bognor residents and visitors alike.

Although Bognor is lucky to have more sunshine than many other resorts, wind is the enemy of sitting on the promenade enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Shelter from the wind (and sometimes rain) is essential, but it is futile suggesting that an attractive round shelter be provided in place of the brick ones, as they are ineffective and provide no cover for children’s buggies or wheelchairs.

In my view, the £10,000 cost of demolishing one brick shelter would be better spent making it look more attractive and providing gates that can be locked at night, keeping the rough sleepers out.

And my main question is: Where are the police? And why are they not moving these layabouts on?

So please, Ian Sumnall, do not consider denying Bognor residents this important amenity but rather chase up the police to deal with the problem.

Ann Rapnik

Stroud Green Drive,

Bognor Regis