Share it out plea

The population in Arun is now 149,500, an increase of 8,500 (six per cent) since 2001. It is projected to increase by a further 35,500 (24 per cent) by 2033. There are currently 22,620 children under the age of 16 who will require a home and a job quite soon. In May 2012, there were 5,188 households on the housing waiting list. Of these 1,855 were in the priority categories.

Against this background Chichester District Council made two telling points in its submission to Arun’s draft Local Plan consultation.

First, the Coastal West Sussex Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update 2012 (SHMA), which is about to be published, concludes that meeting Arun District’s development needs would require provision of 600-750 homes per year based on demographic projections.

Second, that Arun’s preferred target of 400 dwellings per year falls well short of meeting the district’s housing needs and would create greater demands for housing in other parts of the sub-region, including Chichester district.

The approach advocated by Nick Herbert MP and Arun District Council is irresponsible; wilfully sacrificing the future of Arun’s next generation for the sake of cheap votes today, whilst expecting neighbouring constituencies/districts to shoulder their share of the burden.

Tony Dixon

Barons Close