Service goes above-and-beyond

ON TUESDAY, October 18, travelling from the Isle of Wight by hover and bus, I arrived at Chichester bus station 30 minutes before I was due to take a bus to old Bosham.

I missed the number 56 bus, which left on time, while I was still wondering where Arundel Park was (as indicated on the display).

The staff confirmed my fears after re-running the CCTV that it had been wrongly indicated.

I was horrified.

However, within five minutes a special bus was laid on to take me to old Bosham.

Ray the driver and Tracy his colleague escorted myself and luggage on board to be delivered 20 minutes later right outside my hotel, The Millstream.

This was indeed a special service, well beyond the call of duty, and all concerned should be congratulated.

The manager, Mr Andy Keen, should be justly proud of his team.

It really made my day, and my mid-week break just got better.

Michael J Coles,

Wootton Bridge, Isle of Wight