Sensible proposals

I was intrigued to read the recent comments of Mr Nick Stuart-Nicolson from the Bognor Regis Chamber of Commerce, regarding his invitation to Mary Portas, the ‘Queen of Shops’, to visit our town.

I must commend and applaud Mr Stuart-Nicolson in this brave and perspicacious announcement, as there are three likely results:

That Mary Portas will indeed save the day in imparting some hitherto unseen and unrealised wisdom regarding our town centre.

That Arun District Council will finally realise Bognor Regis is not some hidden backwater on the fringes of their illustrious domain, and will in consequence devote more time to promoting and developing the town.

That potential investors (shops, businesses, etc) will perceive Bognor Regis to be a town worthy of their own expansion plans.

It is always pleasing to see the assiduous Nick Stuart-Nicolson is prepared to make sensible proposals for the town he so clearly has a strong concern for.

He represents a very important and very dignified organisation (the Chamber of Commerce), and, in his capacity as both their chairman and president, represents local businesses with admirable flair.

Mr DG Bishop

Old Place,