Send in the clowns

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IT WAS reported in the Daily Mail of April 11 that West Sussex County Council was seeking to recruit a ‘woodfuel development officer’ at a salary of £35,430pa plus pension payments and expenses.

Can this really be true?

Would the county council really spend £50k pa of our money at this time on a woodfuel development officer?

I understood that WSCC was looking to save £70m over the next four years and was making cutbacks – including, among other things – to the funding of some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

This is the sort of non-job the people of West Sussex can well do without in the present economic climate and is making WSCC a laughing stock in the national press.

If this report is true, who are the clowns making this decision and what circus do they come from?

B W Fletton

Harbour View Road,