Send ’em packing

Our councillors and people who want to replace Woodgate crossing and give us a better road system are not going to do us any favours at all.

In reality, all they are going to do is give us more houses – 2,300 to be exact – which means more and more cars and more people to use our non-existent services.

At our over-stretched doctor’s surgery, it is already a nightmare to get an appointment. God help you if you are really sick.

There are few jobs for youngsters in the Five Villages area.

The schools are full. We do not need any more houses, and we certainly do not want any more cars on the roads.

My daughter is asthmatic, so are a lot of other people.

The proposed building is going to happen on fields, Greenfield site land, and there is the issue of flood plains in the area, and over the years we have already had bad flooding in the area.

The local authorities seem to be trying to play each of the villages off against each other, just as they did with the issue of the hospital a few years ago.

Come on Five Villages, let’s send these developers packing now, and let the landowners know not to be so selfish.

Surely we have all got the right to a proper quality of life?

Mrs EA Arman

Bognor Regis