Seen and not heard

IN HIS letter (Observer, August 11) Rev John Brown complains about today’s ‘excessive individualism’ – then goes on to say that children ‘deserve more consideration’

than adults.

I witnessed a perfect example of this on Saturday during a train journey along the coast. The train was busy, adults were standing in the aisles – and all through the carriages, spoiled little emperors and empresses were occupying seats next to mum and dad, getting fattened up on chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks. These children were indeed being given ‘more consideration’ than the adults who had actually paid a full fare for their rail tickets.

So what are these self-centred little brats being taught? Why, that the world revolves around them! Respect for other people and basic good manners, that used to be instilled into small children as a matter of course, are no longer insisted upon even by so-called responsible parents taking their kids for a day out.

You don’t want ‘excessive individualism’, Rev Brown? Stop wringing your hands over the kiddies (who in a few years’ time will believe that the world owes them a living) and start insisting that parents go back to basics and teach them some respect. The rest will follow.

Rob Atkins,

Worthing Road,