Scooter alert

 David Coward in his letter in the Observer last week rightly raises a number of important issues in relation to users of mobility scooters.

Most disability organisations recommend to their members that while third-party insurance is not compulsory, it is highly advisable to have, particularly as an act of negligent operation would leave the user open to civil action for damages.

There are regulations to govern the use of these scooters. They are only legally useable by a person with a disability. There is a maximum speed of 4mph on a footpath, or 8mph on a road.

The Highway Code requires mobility scooters to give precedence to pedestrians. And reckless drivers could be charged with an offence of wantonly driving a carriage, or in the worst circumstances with manslaughter.

The problem is a vast number of scooter users do not comply with the legislation, and the police seem to take the same attitude as they do to cyclists on pavements – that is, to ignore the problem.

Mike Dunne


Arun Access Group

c/o Dove Lodge, Beach Road,