Scant cheer for OAPs

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I HAVE cause to visit several of the residents living in Olivier Court on Chichester Road, Bognor Regis. It is a building of 25 flats which is home to elderly/old people.

At this time of year it is nice for them to have some festive cheer so one or two have put up some decorations, out of their own

pocket, in the reception hall together with a small Christmas tree and lights, and very welcoming it is. As an OAP myself, I have every empathy with them.

However today I have learned that they must be taken down as they are considered a fire hazard by the council and tomorrow, I am told, council workers are calling to do just that. Where has the spirit of Christmas gone?

As I understand it, all these things we purchase today have to be non-inflammable for obvious reasons so I cannot see the reasoning of this, but stand to be corrected.

Cliff South

Whitfield Close,

Bognor Regis