Save Rowan Way

THE ARTICLE ‘Drivers must stick to 50mph under new rule’ (Observer, November 3) confirms in its final sentence that part of Rowan Way ‘will become the main route for traffic passing through Bognor Regis’.

This has been a major concern of mine since the route of the relief road was agreed. Rowan Way will, for part of its length, become the busy A259.

The effects will be very serious.

There will be a pinch point of congestion as the traffic from the A29 and A259 converge and cross over three roundabouts.

Traffic from Tesco, Riverside and the B&Q complex together with all feeder roads exiting Bognor to go north on Shripney Road will need to give way at the Wiley roundabout to the huge volume of traffic on the new A259 from Felpham.

In addition there are two very busy exits on to Rowan Way from the Halfords retail park and the caravan park opposite.

How will vehicles be able to get in and out?

Turning right across the traffic flow will bring everything to a complete standstill.

Forcing all traffic to enter and exit only from the left is a solution, otherwise total gridlock on both the road and in the car park will result.

Rowan Way should never have been part of the relief road scheme.

The new road should go directly from Chichester Road to the A29, giving only one roundabout for through east/west commuters to negotiate and separating them from local traffic on Rowan Way which would no longer need a new roundabout at all.

Surely this was considered at the original planning stage?

Anne Betchley,

Bognor Regis