Ruthless cropping isn’t eco-friendly

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Cycling to the town recently, I was pleased to see the trees in Wellington Road looked like trees again after the ruthless cropping a couple of years ago.

Imagine my horror to see the tree croppers there last Tuesday, once more cutting the small green canopy.

The street was just lined with horrible bare tree trunks – just asphalt, concrete and parked cars.

On tackling the crew of the highways department about ruining the leafy suburbs of Bognor Regis, I was informed they were just following orders.

What reason is there to vandalise the trees of our town?

Is it health and safety in case a leaf falls on someone’s head? Or is it even worse, on someone’s car? Or in case someone slips on a leaf and demands compensation? Or is it too much bother to deal with dead leaves?

By the way, the global warming enthusiasts state the leaves destroy the carbon, not the bare tree trunks – and the slogan is ‘plant a tree’, not kill them.

CE Butler,

Sylvan Way,

Bognor Regis