Running down bus travel will harm commerce

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Free bus travel for senor citizens may look unfair to younger people, but UK pensions are well below the European average.

By not giving local authorities sufficient money to maintain at least current services without a contribution from pensioners the government, it seems to me, is breaking yet another election promise.

I believe running down bus travel will harm commerce and industry as well as educational opportunities, social life and the environment.

To support their shops, theatres, cinemas and tourism, towns need good seven-day and evening bus provision within them and between them, free for the elderly and at prices others can afford.

Of course the country needs to drastically reduce its debt.

In my opinion this will take longer with a faltering economy.

I ask the government to get the greatest number working and paying taxes by giving local authorities sufficient resources for superb bus travel for individuals leading to less gridlocked roads for industry and commerce.

Gillian Farina

Shelley Road,

Bognor Regis