Roadworks a disaster

WHAT GENIUS was it who ordained that the A29 between Eastergate and the dual carriageway at Shripney should be resurfaced at the same time as the roadworks to create the new roundabout at the identical dual carriageway?

The disruption to traffic on such a narrow road from April 11 for three days had to be experienced to be believed.

At one stage, there was a 25-minute hold up, with long tail backs at the Woodgate level crossing. I gather all this sudden refurbishment is in aid of the Olympic torch being carried down the A29.

There is also a rumour the level crossing gates are being replaced for the same purpose, presumably in red, white and blue.

I do hope the torch bearers are not held up as most motorists are as two or more trains go by. What a waste of money.

It could have gone towards the bridge we desperately need at Woodgate.

Margaret Edgington

Elmcroft Place, Westergate