RIP Bognor’s TIC

I HAPPENED to pop in to the Bognor TIC on the very last day before it closed.

Being a regular user of this great facility, I was aware of Arun District Council’s intentions with our tourist centres, but thought, and hoped, there would be a last-minute reprieve.

But there was not.

And this was the end for the excellent staff who were about to be thrown on the scrapheap after providing a wonderful service to visitors and locals alike for many years.

I was further appalled to see the photos in the paper of two leading councillors outside the TIC expressing their regrets, and their hopes for a new tourism future.

What hypocrisy!

These were the very individuals who pushed to get rid of our TICs.

And now what we will have is an unstaffed room with leaflets which will provide no service, and will end up being a mess, and probably a nice shelter for our down-and-outs.

The closure of Arun’s TICs is a huge mistake and a false economy.

It is politically driven by those with vested interests.

There will be a huge loss to the local economy with visitors unable to find out easily what is on offer locally.

And the argument about the internet is nonsense – very few people carry a computer while they walk along the seafront! Nothing beats going into a visitor centre, perusing leaflets and asking knowledgeable staff about the local area.

Let’s hope electors reflect on all this when they next have opportunity to select councillors, and elect those really want to ‘serve’ this community.

Clive Paul,

Thorndene Ave, Bognor