Residents should take pride in club

MY SIX-year-old grandson loves football, so to get the opportunity to be a mascot last season was a dream come true for him.

This was repeated the other week which he again loved!

What was so amazing about his two appearances as a mascot at Bognor Regis Town FC was the fantastic level of thought, care and generosity the club lavished upon him.

At a time when the premier league heap huge wages on their players and charge very high amounts of money just to watch them, a tiny local club goes out of its way to make a ‘little lad’s’ day unforgettable – something they do for EVERY mascot at EVERY home game.

Oliver was given: a goodie bag, a club scarf, food and drinks, a member of the club staff to look after him, a kick-around prior to the match, a walk around the ground with the club mascot to meet the fans, a photo with both teams (and one in particular with his favourite player, Luke Nightingdale), and to top off a fantastic day, we received via email a superb collage of photos of him enjoying his day produced by a real professional photographer.

Plus free tickets for the proud grandparents to come and watch him, a programme with his photo in it and an introduction over the tannoy to the fans.

At a time when money rules at the top end of the game we have a local club who care about local kids which can only make them want to participate in the game as they grow up.

The cost of this fantastic day out to us? Nothing – all completely free.

People in Bognor need to know what a great little club you have in your midst and we urge people to go along to their games to support a club who, despite being very short of cash, show by example clubs much higher up the pyramid how to act when dealing with kids.

A huge thank you to Jack Pearce and his team for making a little boy’s day out not just once, but twice, so memorable.

Bognor as a town should be very proud of them!

Ray and Moyna Sinclair,