Reduce housing

There is a widespread misconception that we need to destroy even more of our heritage and countryside to facilitate the housing of yet more people.

This applies nationwide, not only to Arun District Council.

No-one looks for the root cause of the problem of the so-called housing shortage.

To do this one has to take into account all the factors, such as unemployment, and when that is factored in, it is obvious we have too many people.

So rather than building ever more houses on green fields, we should be reducing the housing stock.

Unfortunately we seem to have only town planners who seem, at every opportunity, to be prepared to fill up any strategic gaps between villages to make them into a town of housing with no consideration given to infrastructure.

When they give it a cursory thought, again destruction comes to the fore – for example, Arun District Council’s proposals for the A29.

The problem of the A29 can be easily and simply resolved by declassifying the current A29 from Fontwell to Bognor Regis, making it a B road, and re-routing the A29 along the A27 west and then down the A259 from the Bridge roundabout to Bognor.

Not only simpler, but also far less costly.

Mike F Young,

Sunnybank, Barnham