Real site for homes

IN REPLY to Tony Dixon’s letter (Observer, April 12) when a building development was proposed for Ford, everyone was told it was to be built on Ford Airfield.

In actual fact the proposed site was from Ford railway station to Yapton crossing and was to be built on farmland, and not the concrete runway area of the airfield which is a natural assumption when articles mention Ford Airfield.

I sat on the same meeting as Mr Dixon in the ADC cambers, where it was stated the residents of Aldingbourne did not want houses built there, even though it would make more sense, as access at this point would be easier to join the A27 than from Ford/Yapton.

It was also stated that the builders involved in this project could not guarantee funding towards the upgrading of the road structure, to support the extra traffic created by the building of 6500 new homes.

Mr Dixon is correct, the roads in our local area do urgently need upgrading, but there is no guarantee that this would happen should this vast amount of housing be built at Ford.

This is obviously the solution he favours, rather than extra homes being built on his doorstep.

A vast number of residents in the Ford and Yapton area do not want this development being built, and have the same right to voice this opinion as those living in other local areas have done, regarding a huge development being built in their area.

There is, of course, also the problem that this area struggles to meet the water demand for the housing that is already here and hosepipe restrictions are not uncommon, which could continue for many years to come...

Gerald Edwards