Reading my mind

You could almost have been reading my mind with your article on the problem of pedlars in the city.

It was not only the Christmas market which I feel suffered from their presence, but both the farmers’ market and the Rotary Club Christmas collection.

I am concerned that the integrity of the farmers’ market is being regularly compromised by them.

As at the Christmas market the pedlars set themselves up between the farmers’ market stalls, giving the impression that they are part of the market.

I know that the rules for obtaining a stall at the farmers’ market are strict so it must really annoy the genuine traders that these people infiltrate the market.

Since the real market traders have to meet certain criteria to be able to trade at the market, surely it should be possible for the market officer to move pedlars away from the area in which the market is operating.

As for the Rotary Club, I would be interested to know if their annual charity collection was affected by the presence of the pedlars.

Instead of the usual view when approaching the Cross from East Street of the city Christmas tree, Father Christmas, volunteer collectors and occasional choirs, this year the numerous pedlars and food stalls crowded round The Cross for the most part obscuring the festive scene.

I understand that the law with regard to pedlars is difficult, but surely we the citizens of Chichester have the solution in our own hands; don’t buy from these pedlars.

If they find Chichester is not profitable they will be less inclined to come here.

Kathy Manouch

Kent Road