Re-cut ditches

In last week’s Observer, Mr Ambridge of West Meads expressed his view that some of the recent flooding was exacerbated by the site 6 developments.

It will take time to build up a comprehensive picture of what problems contributed to the flooding in different areas.

However, observations taken at the time suggest that the surface water drainage systems within the site 6 developments coped.

What I am sure many readers will appreciate is that there was an unprecedented amount of rainfall in a relatively short period of time and that the problems that arose were in those areas with much older drainage systems which were never designed to cope with these types

of events.

This is perhaps an opportune time to urge any residents who have filled in a drainage ditch (either in part or whole) over recent decades to re-cut them if they contribute to the effective drainage of the area.

Councillor Ricky Bower

Cabinet Member for Planning, Arun District Council