Put lame duck regeneration scheme on hold

A while back Councillor Hitchens of Arun told us through these columns that there’s no regeneration if we reject the multiplex. He challenged, if anyone wants to raise £40m for a scheme, they are welcome.

Fine, because a regeneration which has a four-screen multiplex as its must-see is a dodo scheme, cooked up by dodos who may be extinct on Madagascar but clearly are preserved in the Arun District Council chamber.

Yes, let some of us pop off and raise the sum we need. Are you serious, Councillor? In the meantime, say 12 months or so, put this lame duck scheme on hold, or dump it into the Arun on your way over.

Oh, please explain how it is that you and your officers and cabinet have not come up with a scheme such as Margate has developed, with a new must-see visitor attraction that is piling folk in.

Your problem is arrogant sloth coupled to an innate lack of vision. Plus a willingness to want to be rid of this challenge at any old price, and to be willingly bamboozled by St Modwen.

Yes, I want to raise the money, I’ll do it for free.

Anyone for real regeneration?

Jan Cosgrove

Longford Road

Bognor Regis