Problems with views

I feel so sorry for Collette Luck of North Bersted. We are at the other end of Site 6, the Felpham area, and although by no means affected as yet to the same extent as Collette, have a similar problem.

Roundle Avenue and the surrounding area used to have lovely views to the South Downs and as we walked the fields next to our houses, we saw deer ahead and the skylarks sang.

Our views are now the roofs of small warehouse-like structures while listening to the contractors’ machinery and the crashing of rubble into metal containers.

The contractors’ noise and dirt will be resolved in time and I certainly feel people need housing, but do they have to be such tall houses that block distant views? And surely blocks of flats belong in town, not at the edge of the country?

We made enquiries of the planning department four or five years ago and were informed that the relief road would be going through first, and the houses would be sympathetic to the surrounding area. Not the case.

I understand the lack of money for the road in today’s financial climate, but what on earth was the planning department thinking when it agreed to these house designs.

I thought they were there to protect the interests of the existing residents of the district, not make their lives a misery.

JP Whittaker

Roundle Avenue,