Pride in our park

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I have just enjoyed the most wonderful perambulation around Hotham Park in Bognor Regis.

Whoever is in charge of the park’s upkeep and amenities is to be wholeheartedly congratulated on a rather splendid job.

The park is a complete joy, but seems under-used to me. Do our town folk realise what they are missing?

I suspect so, if I am honest. My walking partners, Pip Turner, the Rev Darren King (retired) and James Therat certainly don’t miss out on visiting at least once a week.

Anyway, I was moved to verse on my return from our trip.

Hotham Park. Cry its name out loud

For this is a haven of which we should be proud

Children’s laughter, verdant views

Ice creams, play parks, excellent loos

See ducks, see pigeons, see squirrels as well

Listen out intently for the clock tower bell

A miniature railway; a ticket to ride

See it all soon, don’t be denied

This is a fairytale, not a comic book

This is no Gotham lark

So sound a cheer, far and near, to good old Hotham Park

Sue Burgess,

Bognor Regis