Price hike too steep

MAY I draw attention to one of the largest local price increases to be imposed on local residents this year. At the beginning of May 2011, the library service raised the cost of reserving a book from 50p to 60p, a rise of 20 per cent.

This year they have surpassed themselves, raising the charge from 60p to 75p, a rise of 25 per cent. This means that, from just over a year ago, the cost to reserve a book has risen by a staggering 50 per cent.

Whether those managing the library service saw this as a soft target, which they thought they could sneak in unnoticed, or whether they see little importance in encouraging those serious readers who like to read authors in sequence or select their reading matter carefully, I am unsure, but it will be interesting if those responsible are able to offer publicly any excuse for an action that borders on sheer extortion.

Graeme Lutman

Davenport Road,