Praise for the NHS

We hear so much criticism of the NHS A&E departments, that I would like to praise the treatment I received a couple of weeks ago, on two separate occasions in A&E Chichester.

I arrived as an emergency with the help of a friend to escort me. I had been suffering from very severe nose bleeds and palpitations coupled with insomnia for almost ten days, every day, before seeking help.

The nursing staff and doctors who attended me were very reassuring and thorough in investigating my case. I was given blood tests on each visit and three ECGs to ascertain the possible causes of the nose bleeds and the condition of my heart, which is okay.

I was signed off only after several hours of tests and advice as to how to look after myself.

As a nation we are not particularly good at saying thank you when we receive good treatment, courtesy and kindness. I hope this letter helps to address the matter! Keep up the good work A&E Chichester!

Jennifer Green,

Highland Road,