Poor decision will cause chaos on the roads

You have reported (Observer, May 9) the irresponsible action of the planning authorities from Chichester District Council who are prepared to close the Oving Road and dispense with the traffic lights which make a safe crossing over the A27 for so many.

Over the years we have come to accept the people who make these decisions in local councils are never held accountable for these unacceptable decisions and will not listen to the public. They give no thought or consideration to the public/residents that this absurd decision will affect. It’s time they were made aware again their inflated salaries and pensions are paid out of taxation and in view of this, they are public servants and should consider the requirements of the people.

I don’t suppose they give any thought to the difficulties and stress this action will cause, not forgetting the additional mileage and costs involved. Consider those receiving treatment at St Richard’s Hospital and their visitors. The Bognor Bridge roundabout joining the A27 is a nightmare, brought on by no motorway police and the total lack of road manners and courtesy on top of which poor road markings. There is no lane control as many young drivers don’t care a damn for other road-users; they just cut across whoever is in their way.

Consider the heavy English and foreign lorries that use the A27. You have the dreadful van drivers, mobile phone users while driving etc. Apart from this it will cause additional congestion in and around Chichester as if it is not bad enough at present.

If they will not cancel this decision then they should install traffic lights at the Bognor Bridge roundabout and Tesco prior to closing the Oving Road.

Michael H van Diggelen

The Pound