Polling booth farce

Thank you for printing a page of thought-provoking correspondence this week.

The absence, for a second successive week, of a ranting political diatribe from the former mayor of Bognor certainly raised the level of contribution.

Surely Cameron and Co would appalled by the possibility of the ‘front-line services’ provided by the Chapel Street Clinic being dispersed/lost in deference to ‘clerical support?

What’s Chichester’s Tory MP got to say?

Despite the efforts, or otherwise, of Bognor regeneration, horticulture is clearly the growth industry in this locality.

Is mass production under glass or through individual smallholdings more beneficial to the Big Society, if not to the local community?

Finally, last week the Observer reported Ian Sumnall’s (Arun DC chief executive) frustration at the restrictions placed on him by the Electoral Commission over the AV referendum.

My experience at the Pagham Church Centre polling station suggests your fears were groundless, Ian.

First I was asked if I wanted a voting slip for the referendum ‘because many people didn’t’, then I heard the woman who appeared to be in charge agreeing with an old lady that AV was more democratic, so the latter said she’d vote ‘yes’.

What a farce!

Is the only hope for this country to run royal weddings daily?

Don Lambert

Cardinals Drive

Bognor Regis