Police mistake not resolved with speed

I have just heard West Sussex Police are to start a Speedwatch scheme around the Chichester area.

I have just had 17 weeks of worry because of untrained village busybodies performing with these cameras – the police are paid to do this, not anyone else.

Early last August I had an operation on my hand and wrist, I did not drive, nor was my car moved from the driveway until the middle of November. But in October I was recorded driving in excess of 30mph through a New Forest village, namely Bramshaw, by the police from Hamble.

I wrote to them stating it was not me, with details, and asked for a reply which never came. This is the height of ignorance so I wrote then to Hampshire Police headquarters in Winchester.

After more time back came a reply stating my letter had been sent to the police at Totton... again, time passed, then I received another letter from an inspector saying he had the original car readings double-checked and found one letter from the registration that day was wrong.

What a pathetic excuse! He said that I would be taken off the records that had told me – any driving error in future anywhere in Hampshire or the Isle of Wight, I would be in trouble.

The thing that bothers me now is have I been taken off as I can never get any proof? The way we are treated these days from the public services is a disgrace and at my age, in my 80s, I do not need this.

PG McGovern

Church Lane

South Bersted