‘Poisoned’ by a Cobra

Having read the letter (Observer, April 4) from R A Bidd (Col Retd) regarding the Indian takeaway which gives away free Cobra, I have never had a free Cobra, as any I have consumed have had to be paid for. When asked ‘what’s your poison?’ I reply, ‘mine’s a Cobra’.

I like Cobra ice cold, accompanied with either crisps or nuts in the local hostelry or with an Indian meal in a restaurant.

Please, Mr Bidd, I recommend you take up the offer of the free Cobra and assure you the poison has been removed. However, after three or four in the same evening, you may wake up and feel you have been poisoned – but after a hearty breakfast the symptoms soon pass, and you will be looking forward to your next Cobra.

Please remember that the next time you are asked ‘what’s your poison?’ say, ‘mine’s a Cobra’.

J Frame