Plans make it clear the council doesn’t represent us

I would like to thank, publicly, Messrs Bridgewater, Dummer, Wells and Harvey and Mrs Hitchcock for putting the thoughts of many Bognorians so very succinctly. Thank you, also, to the Observer for publishing their views.

Indeed St Modwen and Arun District Council must be halted in their headlong approach in presenting the illogical shambles which they are trying to inflict upon us. It is indeed time for Arun to start listening and properly engaging with the public and have, at the very least, the good manners to pay attention to those on whose votes they will rely in future elections.

I personally have witnessed disgraceful de-generation of the town and its assets over several years and I am sure fellow Bognorians are already aware of the whole sorrowful saga.

There are several groups around the town who are very angry about the Arun/St Modwen plans. These groups should surely band together NOW against in Arun District Council who are clearly failing in their duty to represent the townspeople: The six villages, Friends of Bognor Pier, Save our Cinema, Out of Arun, Fight the Good Fight, One Bognor, the Civic Society and Save Swansea Gardens, plus any others of which I may not be aware.

Finally, let me clearly express my gross disappointment at the abandonment of the meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 20, and the loss of an opportunity for open discussion. Unfortunately for ADC, however justified they felt in postponing this meeting they have clearly, quite inadvertently, aroused some suspicion about their motives for this postponement!

In conclusion I find myself repeating Mr Dummer’s question: “Is it incompetence or is it something more sinister?”

Wendy Green

Van Gogh Place

Bognor Regis