Planning decision will increase both traffic and danger

I was appalled to learn of the planning decision that will mean the closure of the Oving traffic lights.

This is the safest place to cross the A27, particularly for elderly or less confident drivers. It also provides the most direct access to St Richard’s Hospital for a great many residents in the area.

Without these lights, motorists will be forced to drive along the A27, adding to the already high volume of traffic that is frequently at a standstill, or negotiate busy roundabouts, dealing with many impatient and aggressive motorists they were previously able to avoid.

Further, to avoid the Bognor Bridge roundabout, some motorists will travel via Runcton and cross at Whyke, or turn left along the A27 up to the smaller roundabout at Stockbridge, when they will then have to use the city’s one-way system, further clogging it up.

There is a safety issue here, not just an issue of inconvenience, and I think consideration needs to be given to the way of life of existing residents. Removing the lights will make accidents far more likely. Please, think again, planners – what you propose is thoughtless as well as dangerous.

J Rochford

Alexander Close