Plan to keep centre

AS A member and volunteer at the Laburnum Centre, I was horrified to read about a possible closure of the centre. Surely Arun District Council must realise what a lifeline this club is to so many people?

Have any councillors visited the centre and spoken to the members? Do they realise that without coming here the many widows/widowers and other single persons would be sat at home staring at the same four walls every day?

Not many of us can afford to discard our bus passes or go on cruises, we don’t all have cars and bottomless purses. The majority are grateful for all the facilities the centre offers. It is definitely not an over-50s leisure centre.

We are grateful for the coffee, the midday meal and the number of activities which we can take part in, but above all it is the company.

Perhaps the councillors concerned would like to visit the centre one day, but leave their titles at home.

Incidentally, do the public realise that for every centre that Age UK opens they have to be financially self-sufficient? They do not receive any help from the opulent office in London and they do not receive any financial help from any other Age UK centres.

If we are lucky enough to receive a donation, unless it is stated Laburnum Centre Age UK West Sussex, the monies go to the London office.

I appreciate that everyone is finding it difficult with the current money situation and this is why I am asking all those over-50s in Bognor to come to the centre and see what we have to offer and hopefully join us. It is less than £1 a week.

We really do not want to lose our club, but it is up to the folk of Bognor to keep it going.

Iris Riddle