Plan for new homes

A WHILE ago there was a proposal to locate a sizeable amount of new housing to the west of Westergate.

This proposal had both supporters and opponents; both with arguable cases, however whatever one’s view of the plan it did appear to be logical.

A development of 700-900 houses would have been built in a location previously found to be suitable by inspectors and only two miles from the proposed Oldlands farm employment site.

It would supply a good percentage of Arun’s housing requirement and provide a bypass around Westergate.

The new housing would have been linked to the new road so that only existing local traffic would still use Westergate Street, which would return to its former village street status.

Westergate would also have gained a medical centre, new school, shops and community facilities.

The new road would also have provided an improved link between the A27, the Oldlands farm and Lec developments and Bognor.

It is difficult to find similar logic behind Arun’s present plans.

The majority of housing is now to be placed north of Littlehampton providing an improved A284 from the A27 to Littlehampton.

The main area earmarked for providing employment however is still north of Bognor, eight miles away on the A29 for which no improvements are planned and which now regularly sees traffic queued from Woodgate to Fontwell avenue when the crossing is closed.

If housing and road improvements are destined for north of Littlehampton, surely this is where new employment should also be located or else the plan would surely be seen as generating unnecessary journeys.

Robert Nunn,