Pet detectives

This letter is in reference to June Bailey from Pet Detectives.

I read in the Bognor Regis Guardian in 2000 in her column about a young dog for re-homing, Bertie, a Jack Russell/Basset hound cross.

As I was thinking of getting a pet for my daughter, nearly three years old, at the time, I contacted June after reading the article.

She contacted the foster family he was with at the time and they brought Bertie to the house we were living in at the time. As soon as Bertie walked in to the house; my daughter and I loved him.

The foster family, who had two young boys at the time, all made themselves comfortable and the following day June agreed we could take Bertie on.

Bertie was great with my daughter.

As her speech was delayed, she would come home from nursery school and tell Bertie all the activities she had attended, before telling me.

And within a week her speech had improved.

Bertie went almost everywhere with us.

He has visited the New Forest a few times, Bournemouth, Weymouth, York, Scotland, Scarborough, to mention a few places.

And many walks in our own area.

He was so great, he was one of us.

When he was young he would jump up on the sofa and have his back upright like us while we watched TV.

He was also our doorbell, and always protected us while out walking.

I could so easily go on and on, June, Bertie was such a great dog, and liked by everyone who met him.

Sadly, Bertie had cancer and although he had an operation to have it removed in July, it returned a month later.

I must also say thank you to the family who fostered Bertie, and also to a lovely couple who had Bertie for six months of his life, who came to visit Bertie to say their final goodbyes.

And finally to yourself, June.

Thank you for all your hard work in keeping all the dogs and cats as happy and comfortable as you do.

I would also like to say anyone thinking of getting a dog should talk to Pet Detectives, I am so glad I called them all those years ago.

Debbie Dale.

Bronze Close

Bognor Regis