Paying the price...

I refer to Peter Homer’s report of a West Sussex County Council meeting in the Observer last week.

Cllr Allen appears to be rather ignorant of employment law.

Statutory redundancy entitlements are enacted by parliament and are very modest indeed.

The previous WSCC chief executive received a large redundancy pay-off which had been agreed in his personal contract of employment terms.

Because proper procedures were not carried out to terminate his services, the council decided to pay him additional large compensation.

That is the price that is paid for negligence in dealing with employees who have lawyers standing behind them.

As the new chief executive is paid a lot lower salary, it is clear too much was paid in the past.

The number of directors has also been reduced, which was probably a rationalisation which should have taken place earlier.

Let us hope some lessons have been learned and a similar situation will not arise again.

RP Gould,