Pay-to-park threat rears its head again

HOW interesting to see the headline last week about the assessment of kerbside spaces with respect to the expansion of the controlled parking zone. This felt just like an old enemy back to attack, yet again, an innocent person who just wants to live their life without stress.

I have a copy of the Observer dated May 10, 2001, which has the same headline, so nothing new there then? Under that headline there is a statement by Martin Downey of West Sussex County Council that states: “any extension (of the controlled parking zone) would only be carried out if it gained support. We are not going to put anything in if people don’t want it.”

I am also in possession of a letter, from Mr Downey (June 2001) which states: “I confirm that the residents of all roads that might be considered for parking controls will be consulted as to whether they perceive there is a parking problem and whether they wish to see parking controls introduced to deal with any problem.”

In 2001, the residents of Devonshire Road gave a resounding thumbs-down to the proposals. I am absolutely certain that ten years later, we shall be giving the same answer about the scheme... should anybody care to ask us!

Why do we have to just accept everything that is pushed at us? This is a blatant money-making scheme, nothing else; we already pay enough council tax.

I have parked my car outside my house for 23 years – why should I have to start paying for that privilege now?

The basic principle of a paid scheme is fine, but there are several things to consider:

-You pay for a parking space, but you don’t actually get one.

-You may have a dropped kerb, but you or a visitor can’t park outside your own drive without prosecution.

-You will be subject to the whims and foibles of the local traffic wardens – make sure you park correctly!

I would encourage the other residents of Bognor Regis, who may be subject to this horrible intrusion on our liberties, to look at what Martin Downey has said: talk about it to your residents, and if you don’t want it in your street then tell West Sussex County Council. Remember, the figure of £40 quoted in last week’s Observer will probably be subject to change.

Chris Burstow,

Devonshire Road,

Bognor Regis