Parking rules

On Monday, October 15, notices showed that NO PARKING was allowed in The Steyne Bognor Regis between 7am and 6pm due to work being carried out.

As I live in The Steyne I put my car away in my garage on Sunday night as I had no intention of parking in the Steyne the following day.

I noticed from my window work didn’t start until 9am and was finished at 10.30am.

An 11-hour ban to do just one-and-a-half hour’s work?

Unfortunately at 11.15am I left my car for five minutes while I delivered a dog to its home in the Steyne.

I was shocked to see a ticket being put on my windscreen as I had no intention of leaving my car there longer.

Twenty-one cars parked in the Steyne had now got tickets, no doubt believing that as work had been completed it was safe to resume parking there.

I challenged my £35 fine twice without success.

Sylvia Deedman

The Steyne

Bognor Regis