Parking Eye handle problems just fine

I AM writing in response to earlier letters about Parking Eye at Morrisons.

My wife and I visit Pagham on a regular basis and have always shopped at Morrisons.

The new meters are very user-unfriendly.

When the sun is bright it is almost impossible to see the display.

The last time we visited on a Saturday the sun was bright so I could not see the display, but I did get a ticket and got my refund at check-out.

Having read the letter from Mr and Mrs Lewis of Littlehampton I was prompted to look closer at my receipt.

To my horror I saw that my car registration was wrong by one digit.

So I got on to my computer, found an email address for Parking Eye and emailed explaining the problem, giving them details of both the wrong and correct registration numbers.

Surprise, surprise, on Sunday I received a reply saying it was sorted.

No parking fine would be issued.

So full marks to Parking Eye.

But, as I say, the machines are a nightmare – you can’t be sure until you have paid your money that it will cover your car.

Ted Matthews,

Staines, Middlesex