Parking enforcement is a sure deterrent

I refer to ‘It’s a fine mess’ on the front page of last week’s Bognor Regis Observer.

Has no-one told Paul Dendle and his six full-time enforcement officers and four part-time officers that the idea is to attract people into Bognor?

Perhaps he should have a word with his colleagues who, I understand, are anxious to ‘regenerate’ Bognor.

There is little in the town centre to attract people as it is and, I would have thought, the last thing that is needed is for someone to harass strangers trying to find somewhere to park. We already have exhorbitant car-park charges to pay when places like Rustington, with a far more dynamic shopping centre, manage to provide parking for free.

Furthermore, the complacent attitude of Inspector Gavin Whitehouse in the article High Street illegals will be punished is alarming.

He says ’there is no need for anything as complicated as a police operation to enforce this’ as he sends officers into the town centre every day and ‘if they see any offences they will deal with them’.

Not very effectively, Inspector Whitehouse, if Paul Wells is reporting more and more cars are going through the High Street every day, which is supposed to be a pedestrianised area by the way.

It seems to me our councillors apply lip service to their stated objectives and then do exactly the opposite or avoid the simple solution.

Such as spending £8,000-odd demolishing the infamous seafront shelter when the commonsense thing to do is to police the area at night and give visitors somewhere to sit.

John FK Dixon,

Coralie, Aldwick