Park problem stinks

I AGREE with Mr Cosgrove in his letter about the problems in Hotham Park regarding health issues due to excrement and intimidation. But I am not referring to dogs, it is in fact certain humans that need to be addressed first.

It was during the hot spell in March I took my six-year-old grandson into the park to run around and let off steam. We had only been in there for a couple of minutes when he emerged from some bushes with mess all over his shoes. The stench and a closer inspection showed this was not deposited by a dog, but a human who most likely had been sitting on one of the picnic benches nearby which was littered with beer cans.

As the summer approaches, the park will no doubt be the focal point for drunks to take over the beautiful landscaped areas and treat them appallingly.

I thought drinking in public was outlawed in this town, but the police seem to turn a blind eye to a certain section of the community. Is this because there is a language barrier or that they can contain them out of the way of the majority of visitors to the town?

Whatever it is, there is no respect to our park from these people.

Mr Cosgrove states the park is for humans, but he needs to open his eyes and spend more time in there to see what is really going on. Only then will he no longer have an issue with dogs off leads.

Audrey Watts

Highcroft Crescent,

Bognor Regis